one of our best possibile futures. duo collaboration MEGANOVA.

Performative event includes 5 DigitalArt Photography pieces that portrait an Alien Futuristic Creature sorting locations with a possible future for our specie.

Sustainability, Enviromentalchallenges within the present hystorical turnouts.

Inspired by the book ‘Civilized to death’ by Christopher Ryan and our Italian lanscapes in wich so much is present, yet abandoned or left to decay, we follow the sight of our character telling trough signs of her passage truths and focal points for an alchemization of our present.

MEGANOVA, ConceptualArt Duo was born from the pen of Anna Bastoni, aka Metanova and from the lens of Mojtaba Panahi.
Both have been working years on high quality photography and operate in the field of Contemporary Art and in close contact with Performance Art and Site Specific.

From a mutual research on forgotten places worldly called URBEX, in relation to man and his new way of living the Planet, adopting the utmost care for his systems, the futuristic Situationist photographic project born ‘Meganova’, a superluminous supernova sees the two artists working in tandem with a character who will represent the future of man in places and spaces where he will be the ‘portal path’ that can be used by an audience in an interactive Performative form on a floating spaceship that recalls pieces of a Stargate with the most sophisticated technology.

A diary testimony of the journeys undertaken to discover through the objective eyes of this new alien-human specie that will shed light on new ways of interpreting the current reality


we are able to glimpse one of the best possible futures, in harmony with what surrounds us exalting as well as respecting this wonderful planet we inhabit.
It’s not about Nature herself, that in eras challenged man to the point of making him choose aggressiveness and exploitation like revenge to the previous challenging times where he was just fighting for survival, having to face harmful events accross millenia, from beavers to estreme climate conditions.

Now is all about clever choices and readjustments.
A new dialogue between US and our enviroment as grown up specie that includes safer approaches and establishes boundaries to the so called updated reality.

A Poetic Pop Renaissance that uses a magical realism , an existentialist post Lowbrow language within an Anime surrealism to peak with a candyeye selection of ultra digital portraits of a non human, extraordinary creature sight, fruit of a narrative that enhances care and warmth vs the too many harsh visions that humans face within the media and reality worlds of today.


Anna Bastoni Performer, Multimedia Artist, Conceptual Artist has been working since ’96 on Multimedia Works using Photography Performing Art and Direction in Events, Group Exhibitions, Biennials, Festivals in Galleries, Museums and Theaters including Macro Asilo, Maam, Macro Testaccio Ex Mattatoio, Teatro Quirino , Sala Nervi, Volksbühne Theater Berlin, Vascello Theater, Rome Botanical Garden, Ex Lanificio / DAF, Other Works in Progress Gallery, Piomonti Gallery, Mind Pirates Gallery Berlin and others with
publications in art magazines such as Art a Part of Culture, DanzaSi, Urbanmirrors, Roma Today, InsideArt, DromeMagazine, Artribune, for Peformances and Personal works and in collaboration with International Artists.